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Phone or Video Coaching:

4-Session Packages

Packages include four 1-hour video or phone calls that take place weekly or every other week. Each call is a private one-on-one session and is customized to address your specific issues or concerns.


How it works: 

The coaching calls will give you a neutral and judgment-free space to step back, get some perspective on your relationship, and see things with a fresh and neutral set of eyes.


Through the call series you’ll learn to find that space more easily for yourself when you hit future relationship challenges and conflict so that you’ll become more graceful and resilient in finding your own stability and answers.


While it’s my job to help you navigate what’s in front of you, ultimately my job is to teach my clients to fish rather than giving them fish. So relationship learning is at the core of all my work and what accounts for the staying-power of my client results.

Note: If both people in a relationship want coaching, I require that each person to sign up for his/her own coaching package to ensure a safe and conflict-free space to reflect, learn, and absorb.

4-Session Packages:

$975 USD

per person

Any relationship can get a fresh start.

Some of the most common relationship questions I get are “Can my bad or broken relationship be saved?” and from the people in more stable relationships: “Can a flat relationship come alive again like it was in the beginning?"


Relationships take work. Lots of work. Yet maybe you don’t care because when it’s good, it’s so worth it. Even if the ‘good’ is fleeting or sporadic, it was there, but it left. Or it’s never been there but there’s hope is that it will turn into something good and worth it.


If you’re like everyone else, what makes you hang in there is the sense of connection, the feeling that someone really ‘gets you’ and appreciates you. That you have someone by your side when things get hard and nobody else is there. That you can be yourself with them, unguarded and unfiltered.


People invest so much of themselves in their relationship, sometimes a majority of themselves, yet the connection isn’t there. Something they don’t know how to control or influence. It’s frustrating and unsettling to have such a big thing be so elusive.

What 20 years experience working with couples has shown me


I’ve always loved working with couples because in certain ways, they’re all the same. And they all hold the same promise and potential. I say that because of a few key factors I’ve consistently seen in my 20 years’ experience working with couples that provide hope for all relationships:


  •  Connection is ALWAYS possible

You can have a strong connection in your relationship even if: 1. You had it but somehow lost it, 2. You had it but something happened (you had kids, an issue came up), or 3. You simply never had a connection.


  •  Compatibility: Not actually a big deal

Compatibility is not a ultimately a factor when it comes to connection. I see and talk to couples every day that are considered compatible yet on the brink of divorce, and couples that seem incompatible yet have a strong unconditional connection. There's something else at work that anyone can grasp.


  •  It only takes one person to spark a connection.

You can be in a relationship and be the only one looking for help. Or maybe you’re single and/or dating and wondering how to make sure that feeling of connection is part of your future. The part of relationships I find fascinating is that connecting to people has more to do with you than anyone else. What you’re looking for is within your means.

If you’re in a relationship that needs help, there are certain relationship fundamentals you can learn that will give you the hope and clarity to get a fresh start. That's my area of expertise. 


Even if you’re single, dating, in between relationships, or not sure if you’re currently with the right person, getting a solid understanding of what it takes to build a stable, connected, and fulfilling relationship is well within reach.



Four-Day 1:1 Intensive Program

in La Conner, Washington or via Zoom

This program gives you an opportunity to disengage from the daily patterns of your relationships, step back, and take a fresh look at how things are playing out for you.


You will spend 4 days one-on-one with me. If your partner is involved, he/she will work with the other member of my coaching team. This is a is a learning and development retreat that will give you fresh insight into where to find a deeper connection in your relationships.


How it works: 

Over the four day program we'll meet one-on-one  with breaks in between sessions for reflection and review of supportive materials. The meetings consist of discussion and directive learning that is specifically oriented to your unique relationship challenges and growth.

This program is offered via Zoom or in-person outside Seattle in the small and scenic town of La Conner, Washington, USA.


Three 1-hour Zoom follow-up meetings and a full set of supportive materials are included in the program to integrate the learning after your return home. This program is offered year-round, seven days a week.


To learn more about this program or for availability, contact me. 


If you're not sure if this is the program for you, submit a contact form below to arrange a time to chat with me and discuss your situation free of charge.

$4,500 USD for 1 person

$8,000 USD per couple,

via Zoom

$10,000 USD per couple,


(includes 5-star accommodations)


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