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'Working with Teens' Graduates:
Next Steps

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Want to Continue the Support and Learning?

If you're ready for more, here's a few options exclusively for my 'Working with Teens' grads.

In a series of group calls over the next 12 months, I’ll continue to share my insights and discoveries as they unfold in real-time, and give you the chance to share your own learning as part of this shared community.

This series provides intimate and in-depth sessions where we continue to feed each other's passion for helping teens, young adults, and parents.

This is only for people who have completed my 'Working with Teens' practitioner training. You'll also see options for 1:1 support below.

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'Working With Teens' Group Call Series

I'll lead six 75-minute group calls exclusive to graduates of the 2022 ‘Working with Teens’ program.

During the first segment of each session I’ll present a new topic that’s alive for me or is trending in the area of working with teens or parents.

The remainder of the call will be a mix of questions, client cases, and teaching points I’ll weave into our discussions in response to current interests.

Registration Deadline: Monday, July 4, 2022

Group Call


Session Dates:

Tuesdays @ 10am PT on:

July 12, 2022

Sept 13, 2022

Nov 8, 2022

Jan 10, 2023

Mar 14, 2023

May 9, 2023


1:1 Session Packages with me

1:1 Personal Coaching or Practitioner Mentoring Calls

One-hour 1:1 Zoom sessions with Erika Bugbee. These sessions can be used for Personal Coaching or Practitioner Mentoring. 


Personal Coaching will deepen your learning and promote greater clarity and insight around your unique areas of need and interest. Common topics include parenting, relationships, or personal development and grounding in the Three Principles.

Practitioner Mentoring will strengthen your confidence and clarity as a practitioner to create a deeper impact on your clients and a more reflective space in you. 









Call Package


Group Call Series



Save $200 with Bundle,

Full Retail Value: $1930

Practitioner Mentoring Program

One-hour 1:1 Zoom sessions with me will strengthen your confidence and clarity as a practitioner to create a deeper impact on your clients and a more reflective space in you. 

Customized for your unique needs and interests, topics I often cover in these sessions include: getting into the learning and insight mindset, not knowing what to do without feeling stupid, insecure, or unqualified to be doing this work, handling overwhelm, discouragement, doubt, and frustration gracefully and efficiently, creating rapport and improved client engagement and ‘buy-in’, and managing expectations (yours and your clients).

Also included are two free digital download products from the Pransky and Associates online store.

For those interested, I will also review samples of one or two recorded client sessions if you provide them. I will use them to highlight your strengths, instincts, and natural abilities so you can build off of them (I don't critique or point out mistakes weaknesses as I find it unproductive and undermines people's natural sense of direction).


6-month Program

Ten 1:1 sessions



6-month Program

Ten 1:1 sessions


Group Call Series



Save $400 with Bundle,

Full Retail Value: $4140

Or want to discuss further?

Book a free consult with me. We'll chat about your situation and see what makes sense for you.

Ready to book?

Click below to reserve your spot in any of the programs above. You'll get a confirmation email with a payment link and calendar details.


Space is limited in my 1:1 programs so they're booked on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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