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Disappointment and the Self-Healing Nature of Thought: How Life is Always on Your Side

In today's video I'm going to talk about disappointment. Disappointment seems to be showing up in nearly all my client conversations - in my practitioner clients, my teen clients, parents, in couples. It's everywhere.

The thing about disappointment is it doesn’t matter how thoughtfully you go about life, how cautious you are, how effective you are, or how well you think on your feet.

Disappointment seems to visit us all at some point, maybe a lot, in our careers, relationships, or how we show up in life.

But my focus is not how victimized we are, but how we have an invisible ally behind the scenes. We have the power of thought fighting for us every day.

Take my young client as an example that I talk about in today’s video. Let's call her Ally. Ally had a long-term romantic relationship that was very close and that they both thought was marriage-bound. Then one day Ally's partner dumped her and ghosted her out of the blue.

And she spent months and months going through hurt, confusion, anger, and insecurity. It's a common story.

But not only did Ally come out the other side fully recovered, but she walked away with a new-found confidence in herself and in life she’d never had before. She even found a sense of humor about the whole thing.

All because of the gift of thought.

The human mind has an unlimited capability to adapt, evolve, and reshape how we see things. Disappointment is where it really has a chance to show off.

Without having to do anything, we’re born with a natural inclination towards stability, survival, and resilience. In my field we credit that power to a principle we call Mind.

Even when it feels like life keeps bringing us setbacks and letdowns, our psychology quietly and naturally leads us back to calm and clarity.

For most people, the disappointment or betrayal in the wake of a breakup often creates fear,

cynicism, bitterness, or makes us emotionally shut-down or relationship-wary. That’s perfectly normal for even the most resilient people we know.

But that’s just one stop on the route.

What I’m saying is that even while that’s happening, your creative process is cooking up a new and better outlook with more insight, understanding, and life-readiness.

And the more you trust and understand the principles at work, the sooner you’ll find your way back to confidence and stability.

In my mind, when it comes to getting over disappointment in life, the goal is to return to the level of well-being that you had before the disappointment happened. And to find a deeper sense of faith and trust in life rather than walking away bruised, doubtful, or cautious. To want to get in there and be involved and participate rather than hanging back and auditing.

And what I’m saying is that is 100% possible given how masterfully we’re designed.

That’s what today’s video is about.

Click below to watch.

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