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So many young people feel pressured and rushed, like the clock is ticking and they need to figure out what they're doing, who they are, and what to do with their lives.

As a result, I see a lot of teens and young adults weighed down by worry, anxiety, and intrusive thoughts that can overtake and consume them on a daily basis.

Fortunately, human beings don't actually need all the answers to have more confidence and to feel comfortable in their own skin no matter how messy or broken things feel. Join me as I talk about the potential to bring a different feeling to your life without having to change yourself, change your life, or figure anything out.

This webinar is designed for teens, young adults, as well as parents, practitioners, and people that work with young people.

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  • Erika Bugbee, M.A.

For this webinar I teamed up with my former business partner of 20 years, Dr. George Pransky, the founder of Pransky and Associates.

I wanted to share George's 30 years of clinical experience working with teens and parents with all of you.

But what REALLY made me want to present with George is this: in his personal life, he had to get his parenting s*hit together to handle the hairy business of parenting his own two kids.

I was one of them.

When I was little, I was a happy and easygoing kid. Until I wasn't.

I became unrecognizable almost overnight when my teen years hit.

I was surly, reactive, moody, and unpredictable. I spent two years toggling between irritation, hate, and self-loathing. Those were my only three settings.

And even though George was a psychologist and an overall good guy, I had zero interest in his help.

I didn't even want to be talked to or looked at.

And eventually, even as my emotions leveled out, yet another layer of challenge showed up. I became willful, stubborn, and hell-bent on doing things exactly my way.

Even if they played it cool, I could tell when my parents didn't like some of the things I was doing. And that made all those things more compelling. I was resistant and contrary to any ideas that came from adults.

And yet the one constant George brought to the table was his ability to parent me in a way that promoted mutual respect, open communication, and a strong connection.

George did so many things right in handling all the curve-balls I threw his way.

So today I want to share what he learned for himself out of his own necessity. Because it's also the essence of what I've had to do in parenting my own kids.

While George and I share several decades of experience coaching teens and parents, nothing forces you to find the essence of parenting like your own kids. That's what this recording is about.

So what we share here is not only what empowers our ability to help our clients, but it's what's ultimately helped me handle the curve-balls my kids continue to throw my way.

And thanks to karma, I've been put to the test as a mom far beyond what I dished out.

Not only is that connection between George and I still there today, but we spent 20 years as business partners. Perhaps that's what strikes me most.

When my kids are grown and gone, I'll be happy if they still like me, let alone want to be business partners.

So for me, the potential in the realm of parenting is always hopeful, no matter what kind of kid you have or how clumsy you are. Click the play button below to watch.


  • Erika Bugbee, M.A.

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Normal life as a parent involves a buffet of unpredictable crises. Handling extreme moods like rage or anxiety in your kid, addiction, or threats to your household like the COVID-19 virus -- these things can be disorienting to parents.

While each situation brings a new set of struggles, there are two aspects that remain a constant for every parent.

Although parents can get quickly overwhelmed and emotionally maxed out when faced with something big and out of control, the human mind always finds time to overthink and over-complicate. Worry and analysis is something we often do unknowingly as a way of keeping our minds busy and distracted.

And we pay a price in the form of mental fatigue and an intense and overbearing parenting approach.

Fortunately, every parent is also born with the ability to wake up to our own stress level, get our bearings back, and find the calm and composure that allows us to lead with clarity and confidence regardless of the circumstances in front of us.

In today’s video I talk about how to take ownership over where you’re coming from as a parent so you can lead your family through anything with more grace and perspective. Click the play button to watch.

This talk was part of a webinar series called 'Finding Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times' hosted by two colleagues of mine, Julieanne Chazotte and Dror Amir. Click here to access Julieanne and Dror's work and recordings.

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