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  • Erika Bugbee, M.A.

No matter what country you're reading this from, your life is inevitably affected by the COVID-19 situation. We're at a moment in time when there are more questions than answers right now, and we all feel it. But in times of crisis and chaos, there's one thing we never lose: the ability to find a sense of calm and stability inside ourselves. If you look back on your life, in the wake of every crisis, big and small, your mind has eventually settled down. And every time, you've found things like clarity, a next step, and a sense of certainty and confidence. That ability, and all of those assets, are double-parked outside your mind, waiting for a space to open up so they can come in. In this live webinar recording I talk about what it takes to get your mind pointed toward calm rather than panic and fear so we can find exactly what we need to get through times like these. To watch the recording, click below.

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