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Point yourself in a new direction.

I'm a global coach that works with teens, young adults, and couples that are open and motivated. I help them relate to their minds differently so they're less affected by limitations, fears and distress, which optimizes their enjoyment, peace of mind, and potential in life.

In my 20 years working with people, I've specialized in teenagers and young adults, and in providing relationship help to couples and individuals. I also have a wide range of experience helping people find relief from things like stress, anxiety and depression, handling life transitions gracefully, improving focus, attention and motivation, and finding fulfillment in life exactly as it is.   

One of the reasons I love what I do is that I believe in people. That includes people like you even if you're just barely keeping it together. Because at your core, just like everyone else's, is the natural capacity to find your own answers, have the strength to handle anything life throws at you, and to feel calm and confident no matter how uncertain things are.


My job is to draw those capabilities out of you and teach you about the extraordinary power you and I were both born with and can never be lost or broken. My job is to raise your level of insight and understanding, which strengthens your connection to that power. 


The end result is that you see your life and circumstances in a way that is not only hopeful, but sustaining and practical. And once you find that for yourself, you'll take it with you, giving you a future with more peace of mind, grace, wisdom, and happiness. 

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Hope Instead of "Nope"

I was my own worst enemy. We both were, but something clicked while we were there (in La Conner). We had a change of heart, that's what it was. And once we had a change of heart, the chemistry changed. It’s subtle, but powerful. And for the first time in 8 years, we had hope. Hope instead of “nope.” Everything’s different now.


-- Rich H, engineer


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